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Organic Jura Honey

It is an artisanal Jura honey born from large green spaces, pastures and fir forests
As honey is not extracted as a centrifuge, this allows it to retain its aromas and taste qualities. Harvesting honey by pressing (like olive oil, first cold pressure) helps to prevent the formation of air microbulles in this nectar and thus early oxidation before it is potted. The benefits of honey have been well known since time immemorial. Highly appreciated for soothing the respiratory tract (sore throat), for its healing power and antiseptic qualities. As (fir honey, rich in trace elements of potassium, calcium phosphorus, etc.), it is anti-inflammatory and remineralizing diuretic. Because our bees have not experienced the stress of moving to other regions (no transhumance), they know their environment and anticipate the climatic conditions of the middle mountain.
Therefore, you will not find thyme honey or lavender honey in my shop. The second plateau of the Jura preserves us, because we are far away from field crops, which is equivalent to saying “no pesticides”. These are vast green spaces, pastures, fir and deciduous forests. Generous biodiversity that offers our bees abundant wildflowers, dandelions, not to mention fir honey and others. It is an artisanal Jura honey, harvested exclusively in the Jura with an assortment limited to our biodiversity.

This honey is collected with the help of my ingot in natural waxes, when the water content is at 17% and the alveoli are all finely sealed, it is said that the honey is ripe. Time to harvest and raise the bullion. Once in the honeycomb, the honeycombs are sorted, the propolis is removed from the wood using the forklift by scraping.

The best combs of pure honey are sold in coffins. The others are separated from the wooden frames. They are arranged in the press without being sorry. By simple pressure, the alveoli release this raw honey that flows slowly to recover gently to preserve its pollens, tannins, amino acids and nutritional qualities.

This mountain honey is simply sifted to remove larger pieces of wax. This allows me to obtain a honey of masterly purity with a high sweetening power, for direct sale from the producer to the consumers. It is all these precautions that I take throughout the harvest that make this nectar the ambassador of Jura honeys, reflection of France and especially of Franche-Comté.

All hive products, such as natural beeswax and propolis, are valued and returned to the hive. For the wax, it is in the form of a strip of primer for my jambages, for the propolis it is in the form of mother dye (see photos) mixed with syrup or protein candy to feed young swarms of black bees that do not have foragers to feed the swarm.

I don’t harvest royal jelly for a simple reason, it’s the queen’s basic food just like pollen is the colony’s food. Through my beekeeping practices, I respect my bees and as an eco-beekeeper, I practice a sustainable beekeeping and a work of selection and breeding of swarms for the protection of the endemic black bee. Read more + squeezed honey

Sensory analysis of Jura honey

There are 4 basic flavours: sweet, salty, acid and bitter
The customer determines the quality of a food product with his eyes, nose and mouth. Therefore, the organoleptic examination of honey is of paramount importance. Honey tastings try to decide on objective criteria, such as colour for the visual. The aroma of honey is perceived in tasting by the nose. The appreciation of aromas remains difficult because it lacks the vocabulary to describe it. This is why we regularly use words like «fruity, character or plant or animal» or in association with fruit. We usually distinguish four basic flavors: sweet, salty, acid and bitter. Honey, by definition, is sweetened because of its fructose and glucose content. Fructose is twice as sweet as glucose. Discerning a honey more or less sweet is due to its degree of acidity and flavor. Linden honey is characterized by its bitterness, it is perceived as less sweet than acacia honey. The speed of crystallization also influences its flavor. Jura honey is a mosaic of colors

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