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You will learn to value a product of the hive «propolis»

We will see the production of a hydroalcoholic mother dye and a mother dye in aqueous solution, how to make a balm with propolis, beeswax and thyme. We will see together how to harvest the scraping propolis. It’s a propolis I keep to make a mother dye I use for bees. Crop propolis using the grids is a high-end, pure propolis that is sought after by cosmetic laboratories. I reserve this propolis for personal consumption.
  • Récolte de propolis brut après avoir gratté les cadres de corps de ruche

    The awakening of bees and propolis on 28 and 29 January 2023

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    This training is organized on two axes: the awakening of our bees and propolis

    • I’ll teach you how to value propolis, how to harvest it, how to transform it. I’ll show you how to make mother dye and propolis balm.

    • The awakening of bees contains a workshop for making protein candi, how to distribute it without cooling the hive and making a protein syrup for the second phase of awakening bees.

    • Propolis comes in different forms: granulated, chewing gum, in a hydro-alcoholic solution or in an aqueous solution, etc. It is used to protect us from external aggressions thanks to its multiple powers. In addition, it helps us to fight against the evils of winter. We will learn how to use these forms in our beekeeping practice.

    For complete autonomy to control everything you give your bees.

    Two days are needed to manufacture and understand the awakening of our bees

    Course price: 320 €, 50% deposit to be paid upon booking

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