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The pearl of honey in the mountain range of the Jura, it wins you over

It is an ethical and natural mountain comb honey from the Jura and tradition with a unique taste. This artisanal and ancestral harvesting method requires a lot of time and patience. It allows to obtain a natural honey, it is rich in pollens, trace elements, vitamins and minerals. My philosophy is inspired by knowing how to produce without destroying bees.

Lovers of noble products will appreciate this authentic organic honey. The pure mountain comb honey that I offer is the standard of products from our Jura region, in the same way as Comté cheese or yellow wine. The weight of honeycombs varies from 450 g to 550 g for half combs and from 850 g to 950 g for large mountain honeycombs.

It is a comb honey with a refractometer content of 14.5% humidity. The bees have ventilated the nectar well to extract as much moisture as possible. When you cut such honey to taste it, it's really just happiness. The original taste of honey, it is there.

It is the result of an alternative beekeeping that puts priority on high quality before productivity and in respect of the living world, in particular that of our native black bee.

  • Mountain comb honey in fir box from the Jura

    A peculiarity of the Jura.!!

    In this comb honey you will find the typicality of the Jura mountains with a harsh climate in winter, but generous in summer. For your tastings with friends or family. Organic mountain comb honey presented in its fir box from the Jura forest and made by a local craftsman. Nothing better to combine the pleasure of the eyes and the pleasure of taste. The weight of honeycombs varies from 450 g to 550 g for 1/2 combs

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