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Sliced comb honey is made out of our honeycombs.

They are sorted according to the quantities of honey harvested in the cells. For honeycombs sealed but not sufficiently filled, the empty wax cells will be cut out and removed for press. Only the cells filled with honey will be kept and removed from the wooden frame, the honey remains cloistered in its wax cells. Only a few cavities release honey when the comb is cut. Sliced comb honey comes under several names depending on the region: honey with a knife, honey cakes, cut honeycomb.

Because everyone does not have the same budget, I propose here, a jar of sliced comb honey of about 250 g which is airtight in which the honey continues to be protected by the wax of operculum. With this process, you find the same quality as comb honey. That is to say "You revel in this sliced comb honey by combining honey and its wax". After savoring this delight, your taste buds will thank you. Read more about comb honey

  • Piece of honey with its wax

    ​Sliced Jura Organic Honey

    Blackberry honey is pleasant and persistent in the mouth. Its light color can darken depending on the particularity of the flowers that bees have foraged at the same time. It stays in the liquid state long enough when it is pure.

    "Monofloral Honey"

  • Honey pot in section to make an ordinary lunch, an extra ordinary lunch.

    Biological sliced comb honey

    Find the simple pleasure of a tasting with complex aromas in the mouth, woody tannins subtly interwoven with nectar of blackberry, hawthorn. It is the result of a rich and subtle biodiversity that allows our bees to realize feats of assembling flower species to delight our taste buds and awaken our senses

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