Freshly squeezed spring honey in a jar of 500 grams soft and creamy in the mouth

Spring honey
Jar of 500 gr

Spring flowers of alpine pastures

This Jura honey is mainly composed of mountain flowers and dandelion, which explains its color and creamy texture. The dandelion grows in our pastures, he loves a fresh land, bathed in sunshine. It is the favorite food of our bees in spring. When the climatic conditions are met, dandelion can abundantly produce a nectar, loaded with fructose, which you will find in our honey pot.


Honey in section produced by our local black bee

Its organoleptic properties

(That stimulate sensory receptors)
They change according to the predominance, more or less marked of such or such nectar (dandelion for example). But overall, it is a honey of the vegetal type. From the taste point of view, it is sweet, fresh on the palate but delicately tangy. Its delicious and discreet aromas make it a pleasant and appreciated honey.

I have at heart to make discover to the amateurs my honeys of high quality. The Jura honey I propose here is a honey that bees have produced at the same time as the wax. They deposit this precious nectar in the alveoli. Then the alveoli are closed with a thin layer, called Operculum wax. This is the guarantee of a good conservation of honey. Taste a honey of the Jura incomparable taste.

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