Honey from the Jura mountains

The euphoria spring.

With the blooming of the dandelions, the bees are in full swing again!

Organic cold-pressed honey from the Jura, an exceptional honey

I propose an ethical and specific honey production. Honey in rayon, pressed and honey cake.

To savor the organic honey directly from my farm, you must contact me by phone +33 6 32 58 28 00 or use the contact sheet of this website, to define a visit time, so that I can organize myself to welcome you in the best conditions.

My name is Frédéric Billard, I am an eco-beekeeper. I live in the heart of the Jura Natural Park.

I encourage you to discover my atypical production of pure Jura comb honey. It is insanely important to me to practice a natural and organic form of beekeeping, in order to be as close as possible to what bees do in nature. Attention and patience in addition to constancy are the qualities required of a good bee keeper. Order honeycomb now

Learn more about honey in the Jura

Our traineeship but it's you who work!

Trainees work without gloves without fear of sting
Are you interested in an ethical approach to beekeeping?

Do not hesitate to come and learn my form of beekeeping in one of our traineeship. I do not aspire to revolutionize beekeeping, there are enough books and beekeepers that talk about modern beekeeping.

What do I want to convey as a message? It's simple:

Yes, it is possible to do it another way.

Do you wish to start beekeeping as a hobby, a retraining or simply want to produce your own honey? Call me at +33 6 32 58 28 00

Or talk about it and define your needs; I can answer your questions here write to me

For what benefit?

  • No use of chemical treatments
  • Use of natural breeding instead of artificial breeding (it is the bees that decide the choice of royal cells)
  • No supplementary feeding, except in case of famine and potential death of the colonies
  • Working with the "jamb frame", which allows the bees to produce 100% natural fresh wax
  • No use of industrial wax
  • Use of natural products to fight against varroa
  • Collaborating with our local "black bee" instead of imported bees

A different honey

I show you a honeycomb made by the local bee live from the hive.
The specificity, intensity and texture of comb honey

This makes all the difference between honey produced on a large scale and honey from a small producer who cares about the well-being of his bees by offering honey exclusively from the meadows, mountain pastures and forests of the Jura and Highlands of Jura. Read more

After having tried producing honey in a modern, traditional way,

using a centrifuge. I did not find the quality that I wanted while preserving my bees from the intensive exploitation that is made of them. After thinking and researching, I tested the "haussette" and its small wooden frames that you have to patiently make yourself,

But what was my surprise when,

one one hand, I saw my bees building with surprising speed the honey combs as the honeydew intensified and on the other hand, the double effect (kiss kool) of savoring my own honey for the first time.

I had this feeling of tasting a majestic honey, simple and complex at the same time. Sometimes with a variety of different lingering aromas, whether it is mountain honey or rather syrupy like linden comb honey with flavors that only nature is able to restore to us while preserving our local bee.Order sliced honeycomb now

Shipping your order

Possibility of delivery via colissimo

Not being a huge business, shipping costs have to be included in the total price.

Are taken into account in these costs: cardboard, wedging elements, time and travel it costs me to get to the nearest post office and to complete the pricing of colissimo.

From 0.1 to 5 kg, the shipping costs are identical and then calculated in blocks of 5 kg. I try to keep costs to a minimum. When you order an item at 10 €, the shipping costs are almost the same compared to an order for several items.

By trusting me with your orders, I guarantee you an authentic, quality product from the Jura. You thus allow me to accomplish my task of bee shepherd and to participate fully in the preservation of our local and native black bee. I thank you for the trust you have placed in me.

Secure payment

Payment by credit card for the items offered in our shop is completely secure and insured by our bank, Crédit Mutuel.

We have no knowledge of your banking information since at the time of your purchase, you are transferred to a secure banking server. Our own server is only aware of the billing and delivery details as well as the order form issued.

We do not have a "customer account". As such, if you place multiple orders, you will need to re-enter your items for each one. For your banking security, in case of failure during the banking transaction, you will have to place your order again because the cookies used are only used for a single transaction. If it is a constraint for us, it is the best way to offer you maximum security.


The awakening of bees and ropolis on 28 and 29 January 2023

Récolte de propolis brut après avoir gratté les cadres de corps de ruche

160,00 €

This training is aimed at people wishing to learn how to value the products of the hive such as wax and propolis. Beekeepers who want to make protein candi and protein syrup with honey and pollen..

more information

Miel de montagne pot de 250 gr

cold pressed honey pot, late harvest honey
18,00 €

Le miel pressé que je propose est non filtré ou tamisé. il n'est pressé que délicatement pour que le nectar puisse échapper aux alvéoles de cire. Il vous donne toutes les caractéristiques spéciales d'un miel de fin septembre.


Internship starting April 22 and 23, 2023

Beginner trainees around beehives for beekeeping practice

155,00 €

This training is intended for all people who wish to train in leisure beekeeping..

more information

Honey in pieces of blackberry

Piece of honey with its wax

49,00 €
Honey breached with blackberry. It is a feminine honey because of its elegance, it is rather round, supple and subtle in the mouth, easier to taste.

more information

Honey in piece Jura fir box

Jura wooden box, local know-how at the service of our mountain honey.

85,00 €

Unique in the Jura!

Enjoy with family or friends with pure honey. The honeycomb presented in its box of fir trees of the Jura forest and made by a local artisan. . Nothing beats the combination of eye pleasure and taste pleasure.

more information

Contact me:

Honey from the bees
35 Le Bourg Derrière, 39150 - Fort du Plasne, France

Phone: +33 6 32 58 28 00

Siret: 39093649000031

Write to me

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