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Honey from the Jura! It is the showcase of our biodiversity

It is the showcase of our biodiversity, you will find the intensity of the honeys of the high jura

These are soft, malty honeys with strong aromas.

Like our meadows (see photos), these Jura honeys reflect a mosaic of colors. Spring honey varies from pale yellow to straw yellow, depending on the pure dandelion nectar content or if my ladies had fun adorning this treasure with mountain arnica.

The light brown of a summer honey reminds us of the millions of flowers that make up our mountain pastures and diffuse their scents to attract our bees. This floral honey diffuses invigorating, invigorating tannins in the mouth, with a fresh scent, but syrupy on the palate.

Mountain honey and forest honey

They transcribe the postcard of our Jura biodiversity. It is an unleashed dance of oak, willow and lime blossom honeydew, a sensual blend in the company of floral nectars. These are honeys with character and when the forest honey is ennobled with fir honeydew, then, in the mouth, it is the taste orgasm. A discreet slightly minty aroma is felt and remains persistent on the palate.

Adopt a Jura honey!

it is to choose the mother-of-pearl of the Jura honey, it exhibits a precious and delicate shine. Its celestial shimmer and its palette of nuances are suitable for all the colors of your breakfasts. This honey will bring a touch of femininity to your table and your tastings. The mother-of-pearl of Jura honeys is to be consumed without moderation, but with passion.

Our Jura honey is all this: A pure, refined honey, which reveals floral, fruity or woody notes. This is what makes it a honey of excellence and a daily tradition. Turn your ordinary breakfasts into extraordinary breakfasts. 

Raw comb honey gives you back the heart of the hive

It restores you the heart of the hive live from producer to consumer, it is an ethical honey

Comb honey is the ultimate in what our bees know how to do. Tasting this natural comb honey is the guarantee of never going back with low-end honey.

I am an eco-beekeeper, craftsman of comb honey. I deliver here in my shop, a honey of exceptional quality. With my micro production, that is to say one honeycomb per hive, i.e. about ten kilos of honey. It is the excess nectar that is removed. All the rest of the honey is kept in the hive body to serve as a winter reserve for the bees.

This way of proceeding is in line with animal well-being and in particular that of our local black bee bee since it feeds on the fruit of its work and makes it possible not to use feeding syrup. This is the price to pay to return to you in limited quantities, this version of a raw, rare and authentic honey.

I am inspired by our black bee, Like them, I produce without destroying.


It is carefully made by the wax bees as the food comes in. The honey is stored in fresh waxes each season, this is the guarantee of pure and 100% natural honey.

They harvest the flowers to extract the nectar and the pollen, as well as the honeydew of hardwoods and fir trees which come to intertwine with the dance and join the journey. This is how our magicians proceed to deposit their treasures in cells of pure, organic wax, in order to preserve all the vitamins and minerals present in this elixir of gustatory pleasure.

When the bees have finished harvesting and the cells are overflowing with nectar, they ventilate the honey to extract the moisture. When they deem this work finished, the bees close the cells with a thin layer of wax (operculum) so that the cell remains airtight and airtight. This natural process guarantees you and gives you honey at its peak.

Anyone who has never tasted this comb honey will never know "the pearl of Jura comb honey".


Why is comb honey appealing?

Honeycomb cannot be counterfeit, modified, heated or cut

Quite simply because it cannot be counterfeited, modified, heated or recut.

It is the guarantee on the one hand to eat a very high quality unprocessed honey, and on the other hand to buy a local honey, authentic and true as long as one is attentive to what one consumes.

There is no more authentic and beneficial than organic comb honey. It is the consequence of a raw honey worked only by bees, it is stored in a natural wax produced by the bee and closed by a wax seal which protects it from air and humidity.

Counterfeit honey!

For many years now, the quantity of honey produced in France has been drastically decreasing (16,000 T per year) while honey consumption is increasing more and more (46,000 per year).

In the era of globalization, we import honey from elsewhere to make up for the shortages. Fraudulent honeys are offered on the market at bargain prices, but as we have said "the cheap is always too expensive" (Honey from China, cut with glucose or even adding water to the honey to achieve a humidity rate of 19% when the honey comes out at 16% humidity at the honey house. Profit increase in volume) and many other embezzlements. These comments only engage me, it is the observation that I make regularly when you are concerned about what you put on your plate.


Does the honeycomb retain all its properties?

Honeycomb tasting tray with fresh goat cheese

On commercial shelves you can find honeys that remain liquid because they have been heated to around 75° (pasteurization), the honey is dead. By this process, all the enzymes in the honey are destroyed, but this allows long-term conservation and marketing.

You have to meet the needs of the consumers, that's what the guardians of the temple answer you. It's completely absurd. That's why after you have people who have never tasted real honey. It is by a natural process that crystallized honey is what allows a good conservation and personally, I love having breakfast in the morning with crystallized dandelion honey, it is a real treat. Natural honeys that do not crystallize or even hardly are honeys from honeydew such as fir not to mention it.

On the other hand, there is organic comb honey, it retains all of its therapeutic, prebiotic virtues, by promoting the intestinal flora, without forgetting its antibacterial power, which has been known for a very long time.

Because it is free from all manipulations of heating, filtration and without going through artificial maturation. It carries with it all its properties such as its minerals, its vitamins and its antioxidants without forgetting also its pollens and its propolis. Comb honey is therefore an essential dietary supplement to combat certain deficiencies.

An exclusive bouquet!

In modern beekeeping, honey is harvested using the supers, then extracted by a colossal mixing of the honeys in the centrifuge, where all the aromas are mixed.

In comb honey, the opposite happens!

Indeed, each honeycomb is unique, because the foragers have filled it by going to glean the nectar according to the foraging areas they discover. Our Jura region with its floral diversity is a paradise for our bees (see photos). Nectar storage chambers are full of specific flower essences and different tannins, making each comb honey cell unique, as no two honeycombs are alike. Our honeycomb comes exclusively from the meadows, mountain pastures and forests of the Jura.

In summary, the specificity, intensity, texture and explosion of aromas in the mouth, thanks to an abundant floral diversity, make all the difference between comb honey and a simple honey cake in an industrial wax, or even a jar of cheap honey.

Pressed honey more than a method, it is an ancestral savoir-faire

What could be better than the ancestral method of pressed and just sieved honey to mythologize an exceptional honey?

It is not with just any press; it is the all-stainless steel crank press to meet food hygiene requirements.

You have to be patient to get this tasty dish. After filling the press with sealed honeycombs previously separated from the frame, it is time to move on to extracting the nectar (by slow pressure effect). Six to eight hours during which I make sure to give you the benefits of honey, of incomparable purity with a caramel color.

No dispersion of the fragrance occurs, because the pressure exerted on the honeycombs is done constantly, in stages, with the crank, every ½ hour or every hour. Taking into account the thickness of fir honey or the fluidity of flower honey, it will be necessary to measure the time.

All these precautions are essential to restore all the vitamins, enzymes, etc. to you. of honey.

Sources: Honey (pronounced in French: /mjɛl/1) is a sweet substance produced by honey bees from nectar.

In conclusion; our honey, whether it comes in breccia, pressed honey or comb honey, will surprise you with its accuracy of sweetness, its delicacy in the mouth and its pronounced character.

Depending on the honey you choose, it is the soul of Jura honeys that you will taste at home


Raw comb honey from the Jura, the top of the range for gourmets!

Excellence in everyday life, this honeycomb will guide your gourmet coffee or your tasting
Comb honey often imitated, never equaled!

I encourage you to discover my small production of organic comb honey. It is available in three versions: Jura fir box, in a luxury box of two sizes, the half honeycomb and the maxi honeycomb, a real feat for my girls. But what honey, ethical and organic, but above all "Natural".  Boutique

This spring of 2021 has been a disaster for the production of nectar and pollen. The abundant spring rains overwhelmed the dandelion and linden and acacia honey harvests. This year I didn't even put the flaps on the hives. I spent most of my time keeping my black bees alive by distributing them frames of honey reserves that I had stored last year during the period of abundant honey. Which allowed me to have enough food to get through this long period of intense rain.

This is the choice I made to store in times of plenty to compensate for colony starvation during a rotten spring. This is the best way to keep colonies in shape rather than stuffing them with syrup for 3 months as was the case this year.

My convictions stronger than profitability!

I am intimately convinced that they will return it to me a hundredfold, if there is again a honey flow or a late honey flow, they will fill my risers more generously than usual. It is for this reason that each year, I produce very little honey because my bees, if they can no longer find anything to eat for reasons of drought or heavy rain.

I made this choice to leave enough food for the bees and to make enough reserves for the winter. Moreover, after noticing that they had filled the honeycombs with honey, but that the hive body where the winter reserves are usually placed was not abundant in nectar, this confirmed my decision. If you are attentive to all this, then you do not sample at the end of the honey flow, but only at the end of August.

That's why this year again, I will only remove the strips at the end of the summer and I will take the honeycombs that my bees will have wanted to leave me. If I was thinking about profitability and money, it is certain that I would not do it. But I think about the well-being of my daughters, which pushes me to practice sustainable and healthy beekeeping.

Organic mountain comb honey is the fruit of the Jura region!

It is the combination of an incredibly rich and unique Jura terroir that offers pollen and nectar to our bees. They have the necessary water and biodiversity resources to secretly produce this raw comb honey with character, but warm to the heart.

This is what I am returning to you here in all humility, an original comb honey, the expression without artifice of nature which is revealed through this honey without alteration by the hand of man. It is an invitation to an olfactory and gustatory journey.

This organic comb honey is an exceptional method of restoring consumer confidence. Since the bees build the waxes at the same time as the nectar arrives at the hive. When the honey is ripe, the bees close the wax cells with a thin layer called the lid wax, this is the guarantee of pure and noble honey. It is impossible to tamper with it.

This is what allows me to obtain each year the best honey in France, the natural Honey Ray raised in its natural wax made by our bees, in order to provide you with an authentic honey, a rare honey, a honey in organic department produced in France in the foothills of the Haut Jura. It is a high-end comb honey.

It is not trivial to work with comb honey!

Luxury box for mountain honey

This is the only way to achieve raw honey, an ethical honey that has matured in its own wax as the bees have raised it by producing colossal work to make cells of wax (6 hours of hard work for 1 cell, it commands respect) and store this delicious treasure there.

This comb honey is often imitated, but never equaled.

When you have savored this honey, whether it is comb, pressed or breccia, you will be sure to taste a high-end honey that has not been modified by being heated or oxidized in any way. This ancestral method of harvesting first cold-pressed honey is not regressing in the way of doing things, but on the contrary, it is an avant-garde method to ennoble the honey of our bees. It is a process too quickly forgotten in the hotel of excessive productivity and progress.

I prefer that my customers, fine gourmets, but also those who like me want to taste something other than honeys offered in supermarkets which in the end all look alike and which have no particularity, no specificity or even taste. If you do not know comb honey, I invite you to savor it and when it is done, you will have the deep conviction of having tasted and tasted the best of 100% raw local honey.

I choose by far to produce less with respect for our local bees, but to be able to offer you the best of comb honey and pressed honey from the Jura, ours!

It is on sedentary apiaries in the mountains that my black bees get organized for a harvest that begins in May and ends in July or even later, with fir honeydew, when the weather conditions are favourable. Whether this nectar is exhibited here in the form of cold-pressed honey, Honey in Rayon, you will discover all its qualities which make it a raw Jura honey with character but creamy to the heart and organic.

Shipping your parcels

Possibility of delivery via colissimo

Not being a retail giant, shipping costs have an impact on the amount of your bill.

Are taken into account in these costs: cardboard, wedging elements, implementation time and travel costs to get to the nearest post office and to complete the pricing of colissimo.

From 0.1 to 5 kg, the shipping costs are identical and then calculated in increments of 5 kg. I try to keep costs to a minimum. When you order an item at 10 €, the shipping costs are almost the same compared to an order for several items.

By entrusting me with your orders, I guarantee you to discover an authentic, quality product, from the Jura. You thus allow me to accomplish my task of shepherding bees and to participate fully in safeguarding the native black bee. Thank you for the trust you place in me.

Secure payment

Payment by credit card for the items offered in our shop is completely secure and insured by our bank, Crédit Mutuel.

We have no knowledge of your banking information since at the time of your purchase, you are transferred to a secure banking server. Our own server is only aware of the billing and delivery details as well as the order form issued.

We do not have a "customer account". As such, if you place several orders, you will have to re-enter your elements for each of them. For your banking security, in case of failure during the banking transaction, you will have to place your order again because the cookies used are only used for a single transaction. If it is a constraint for us, it is the best way to offer you maximum security.

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