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Buy a swarm of endemic black bees, for what benefit?

At an eco-beekeeper, breeder and breeder, the bee comes from natural beekeeping

Black bee selected by nature!
Buying a swarm (available from the second half of June, depending on weather conditions) allows you to accompany your bees and help them to become a magnificent colony of Jura black bees. The swarm contains a fertile queen who, by ensuring constant laying in the waxes produced by the wax bees, will give rise to a productive colony from the first spring honey flow of the following year. You will thus have the leisure and the pride of tasting your first honey. You participate in its preservation by reintroducing the black bee in the local environment where it should never have disappeared.

Why swarms of black bees?

For an ethical, sustainable and ecological question. It seems to me essential and urgent to rehabilitate the black bee, it is a bee that knows how to be respected. Too many untimely visits to the apiary, she will let you know. The black bee is perfect in a sedentary apiary. It's not made to be stacked on pallets and tossed around. For this, it is better to work with bees more suited to nomadic beekeeping.

Collaborating with the black bee requires observation more than an incursion into its environment. She knows how to make herself respected if her vital balance is threatened. She does not hesitate to give you a space of intrusion into her world for a given time, but nevertheless sufficient to be able to talk about sharing, between the black bee and the beekeeper. Accompanying beekeeping is a respectful practice on the part of the beekeeper who knows the limits not to cross and cooperates in harmony with his bees.

The black bee is said to be aggressive, nonsense! She simply behaves like a semi-wild and semi-domesticated bee. She has been collaborating with man for a very long time, but she is the heiress, since creation, of the mysteries of honey making. She is its primitive guardian.

What's the point of collaborating with the endemic black bee?

It knows the genetics of its environment well, which gives it an increased natural resistance to climate change. It is possible to carry out beekeeping without the investment of stimulating food, without recourse to chemicals and transhumance. By persevering in the breeding and selection of colonies according to criteria of gentleness, low swarming, good productivity, etc.
The black bee allows harvests of honey which do not have to be ashamed of the harvests of other races of bees. You have to be reasonable and only take what comes back to you in honey. Feel free to leave the supers on the hives in case of famine (as was the case in 2019). You will only have a small harvest of honey, but you will have fit black bees that feed on their nectar.
Thinking about ecology and sustainability and working with other species of bees than the endemic black bee is to be at the antipodes of ecology! This commits only me, these are my convictions: to work while respecting the cycle of the bee and its needs, to practice sustainable and ecological beekeeping, by conserving and reintroducing swarms of black bees into their natural environment, at the heart of the Haut Jura Regional Park. This requires a demanding practice, in terms of time investment, with natural techniques, constant monitoring, reflections on the impact of my decisions on biodiversity. This is being an eco-beekeeper. I can be reached in the morning from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. for all your questions or quotes concerning the possible delivery of swarms.

For a quantity greater than 5 swarms, please contact me via the contact sheet or call me at +33 6 32 58 28 00

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