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Training in natural beekeeping

This approach to ethical beekeeping is certified by Abeille and Nature
The growth of bee colonies, learning artificial swarms and developing swarms with a professional method is done while respecting a natural practice and the transition necessary to cope with today’s beekeeping that employs practices of excessive productivity in all areas.

Whether for the rapid growth of your bee colonies or to increase your ability to produce honey or sell swarms, this course is only focused on swarm production

One project, questions about training, we talk to 0632582800

  • ​Pro internship from 20 and 21 May 2023

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    Training for leisure beekeeper with 1 season of experience.

    Objectives of this internship:

    • Learn division skills
    • Swarm creation by multiple division
    • Care of the donor hive and swarms
    • Life cycle of queen and males
    • The meadows required for the fertilization apiary

    This training is mainly recommended for people who want a remunerative beekeeping

    2 days are necessary to know the basics of a beekeeping respectful of local black bees.

    Course price: 1650 €, 50% deposit to be paid upon booking

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Honey from the bees
35 Le Bourg Derrière, 39150 - Fort du Plasne, France

Phone: +33 6 32 58 28 00

Siret: 39093649000031

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